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I bought myself a Fender Telecaster for Christmas this year and I noticed something I need help on.

So anyone who knows guitars and can tell me if this is normal...I'd appreciate it.

While looking at it and tuning it I noticed that one of the bridge saddles is way off from the others. It came from Fender like this, which I thought was very strange to begin with.

It's the Top E string. it was really hard to get it tuned to E and when I play that string, it sort of flops and hits the pick up and the neck.

Thanks in advance guys

appreciate it.


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It may or may not be normal.  A new guitar (Electric or Acoustic) should be Set Up.  A Set Up typically involves neck adjustment, fret levelling and intonation setting among others.  Setting the intonation involved adjusting the saddles, both height and distance from the bridge. Setting the intonation will ensure the height and distance are correct for that guitar.

I would try to find (if you don't already have someone) that does set ups.  Typically a luthier or someone that repairs guitars can do them.  You'll notice a difference.

Enjoy your guitar!


You bought it straight from Fender, so get back to them about the issue. If it's an issue they need to solve, it's your purchaser right by default to receive a perfectly good guitar.

Don't mess with it yourself, have them fix it for you........................

Messing with it yourself may void your waranty.

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Thank You Travis and Ponyboy!

I reached out to a guitar tech in my area, still waiting for him to get back to me.

Someone else told me about needing to get it set up as well.

  Never knew that before. Just always trusted them to be good out of the box.

And no..... I wouldn't mess with it myself.  Not that it didn't cross my mind for a fraction of a second. 

thanks again to the both of you

really appreciate it



 "Hey man, did you see that? His body hit the street with such a beautiful thud" 


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