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I want to share a guide I have written and in time of need sent to people asking me for help.

* Download software (a client), like utorrent or Azureus or BitTorrent. You better consult the home page of DIME ( to make sure you install a client that is accepted by Dime, like the 2 I've mentioned.

* Specify the needed Properties in the client, not least the router port you want to use.
-- Here I should mention "Port forewarding" if you are firewalled. Can be a lot easier said than done to do such forewarding to open a port... In my router, there's a "Port forewarding" option (making rules for users), but neither me nor my ISP have been able to make it work. You should definently TRY, though, as firewalled torrent users is a problem!

* Go to a tracker like Jungleland ( or Dime (, and click on the links to the torrents of your wish.

* I RECOMMEND: Make a folder on your HD with the name of your choosing. Like, "Bruce - 2007-09-28 Asbury Park" so that ALL Bruce torrents come together and that they are shown in date descending order (if you save others than Bruce in the same folder).
Often, torrents are uploaded with the location ahead of the date, and making the folders accordingly makes them time consuming to re-locate when you get many torrents saved.Much easier to find if you have them saved by YEAR!

* Double-click on the torrent file name in top of the page.

* Choose "OPEN" in the box that will pop up, and select the folder you (perhaps) just made. Click "OK".

If you don't create a folder like I recommended, then a folder with the same name as in "downloads as" in the torrent page will be made. That sometimes makes for VERY strange folder names that makes it hard to recall what is stored in the folder.

* The download starts!
At least in Utorrent and BitTorrent, now it may be time to adjust the capasity you use for this torrent:
- right-click the torrent name in the software (client), choose "Bandwith allocation" and got to "Upload limit" and/or "Download limit".

By default, the limit is UNLIMITED - meaning using the max speed at any given time - and that is perhaps fine if you run only ONE torrent and are not using the computer for any web browsing or other tasks. If you are, you may want to reserve some bandwith for the browsing...or it can be a sloooow experience.

- After finishing the download, STAY to upload and share!
Partly because you SHOULD, to make other's download what you have been able to get. Partly because you HAVE TO, in order to get a SHARE RATIO that will enable you to keep downloading!

Good luck!
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yes it is,but you can dowload with no worries from Jland,abms,or the other music sides.
there is nothing interesting for those guys,the things that are more dangerous are the ones with hacked software,there are with bots,trojans,and other nasty things,but that is not only with peer to peer.
if you have a good firewall,virus program that you update regular, you wil not have many problems till you need a new pc.

there are only two kinds of music ROCK and ROLL

Originally Posted By: RabidDog
I hope this is the right place to ask this:
Is there a method to automatically download all new torrents on a site (JL or Dime)? For instance on Dime, anytime Springsteen shows up as the artist, automatically download and start that torrent.


Not too sure.
I guess the best thing to try would be rss feeds, and set up a filter based on your requirement "springsteen"
Then use something like utorrent to download the torrents you want. You may be able to do this automatically, but i've never tried any of this. Not even sure Dime has an rss feed.


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