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I`m getting a decoding error when converting Disc 1 track 10 and disc 2 track 2
Downloaded from ABMS.
I have tried re-downloading - what do I do?

Bruce Springsteen.
Meeting Across The River.
Live from the soundboard at the Hancher Auditorium, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA on September 26 1975.
Piggham Records 84-85.

Disc 1: (70:42)
1. Meeting Across The River (Start Is Cut)
2. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
3. Spirit In The Night
4. It's Gonna Work Out Fine
5. Growin Up
6. It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City
7. Backstreets
8. She's The One
9. Born To Run (End Is Cut)
10. The E Street Shuffle (Start Of Intro Is Cut)

Disc 2: (59:30)
1. Kitty's Back
2. Jungleland (Break In The Middle)
3. Rosalita
4. Detroit Medley
5. (4th Of July, Ashbury Park) Sandy
6. Quarter To Three

My original Piggham CD's -->EAC v. 0,95 --> WAV --> MKW Tool 0,97 --> SHN

Great show with Bruce.
It's a must have.
Complete artwork included.
Original Post
I uploaded to ABMS originally and just downloaded those same two tracks and have the same error. The same boot is on Jungleland, I will try to get it from there and see if those files are corrupt or not. Apparently someone had the same problem there also. Otherwise I think I also have a backup on a DVD and will try to find it from there.
That one also came from a bluray archive, and someone else told me the same. Again, I'll have to check the DVD backup, but that may also be corrupted like the 1975 was.

Update: I have replacements for all those tracks from the 2005 DVD backup that came from Jumpstone's original upload. Will post them to ABMS tonight. A new .md5 and .ffp will be created for the entire set. Use the PAR2 files to verify your download.
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