I`m getting a decoding error when converting Disc 1 track 10 and disc 2 track 2
Downloaded from ABMS.
I have tried re-downloading - what do I do?

Bruce Springsteen.
Meeting Across The River.
Live from the soundboard at the Hancher Auditorium, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA on September 26 1975.
Piggham Records 84-85.

Disc 1: (70:42)
1. Meeting Across The River (Start Is Cut)
2. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
3. Spirit In The Night
4. It's Gonna Work Out Fine
5. Growin Up
6. It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City
7. Backstreets
8. She's The One
9. Born To Run (End Is Cut)
10. The E Street Shuffle (Start Of Intro Is Cut)

Disc 2: (59:30)
1. Kitty's Back
2. Jungleland (Break In The Middle)
3. Rosalita
4. Detroit Medley
5. (4th Of July, Ashbury Park) Sandy
6. Quarter To Three

My original Piggham CD's -->EAC v. 0,95 --> WAV --> MKW Tool 0,97 --> SHN

Great show with Bruce.
It's a must have.
Complete artwork included.
Original Post
I uploaded to ABMS originally and just downloaded those same two tracks and have the same error. The same boot is on Jungleland, I will try to get it from there and see if those files are corrupt or not. Apparently someone had the same problem there also. Otherwise I think I also have a backup on a DVD and will try to find it from there.
My original source appears corrupt too. If it's any consolation, both tracks(as .flac, or whatever got decoded to .wav) play perfectly fine on Winamp.

If you're burning to CD you don't need to decode them first if you're using Nero to burn.

In the meantime, if anyone has a fresh copy..............
I'll check mine this week coming, but due to building work my collection has had to be rehoused for a while....


Someday's you're the statue, someday's the pigeon.

Burned disc 1 from FLACS in Nero without converting.
No errormessage, but E-street shuffle is missing the final 25 seconds (which play nicely from the flac on the computer...)
Jungleland is missing the final 2 min and 24 secs when burned the same way, also plays nicely from FLAC.
That one also came from a bluray archive, and someone else told me the same. Again, I'll have to check the DVD backup, but that may also be corrupted like the 1975 was.

Update: I have replacements for all those tracks from the 2005 DVD backup that came from Jumpstone's original upload. Will post them to ABMS tonight. A new .md5 and .ffp will be created for the entire set. Use the PAR2 files to verify your download.
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