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Hi guys,

I am from Chicago, and have seen Bruce many times in and around Chicago, going back to the 1980's.  I was also at the Magic tour concert date Oct 21, 2007.  One of my favorite souvenirs from my "travels with Bruce" over the years is the DVD from that show: Oct 21, 2007.   So here is my request:  can anyone help me get a copy of disc# 2 of that DVD?

SOMEHOW....i have misplaced the second disc to the show 

I have no idea how i lost it; but the other night i went to put it on the TV for the first time in a few months and---lo and behold, disc 2--GONE.  I Looked all around for it but--gone, gone gone.  seriously??!  yes, seriously.

So here is my request: can anyone burn me a copy of disc 2 of that show and send it to me?  I will be happy to pay you, of course....i just want to get the frickfrackin missing disc

As far as trades, well, I don't really have an extensive collection, and all I have are the Bruce DVD's that are easy to find at this point; so i am afraid i can't really offer any good trades in return; just to pay you for your efforts to send it to me.

I sincerely appreciate any help on this!



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LOL....see, that's how long it's been since I first received this video: i didn't even know that DVD burning  is now "dead"!  ok, i will wait your investigations, and thank you very much.

also on another note.....a kudos to you for all the awesome vids you share on Youtube (you and the other dedicated creators that do this as well).  It is SO frustrating that Bruce's group doesn't already do this kind of thing guys are seriously helping save important historical evidence,  so keep it up!

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Here's an update. I started working on dubbing this video and I have lined up the old audio with the new audio on a few songs now and I've done some real close comparisons. Here is my bottom line assessment. They both sound pretty bad. (there is a third audio source that is even worse).  The original video sound and the Wang recording sound very different. One is loud and squelchy the other much much lower but muffled. I can't decide which you would like better. I prefer the new audio and I will finish this dub. But you could very well hear the new dub and still yearn for your old DVD. So let's figure out how to get disc 2 in your hands for now and when the dub is complete I'll get you that too and you can decide,

Now, do you really need someone to burn for you? You can't torrent or download from Mega or Google Drive and burn your own? I could put it up on Jungleland today or Mega in the next day or so. I can't find any blank discs around here without ordering new. Perhaps if I throw it up on Jungleland someone else can Download and burn for you?

wow, I am a dinosaur, aren't I?  haha.....i do have blank DVD's here at my house that I can burn your upload onto.    i would have to learn how to use the "torrent" or Mega or Google Drive system to do that (is there a little tutorial on SPL which instructs newbies how to download something from torrent or Mega or Google Drive??) .....and, after i learn how to do this: if you were to upload it to Mega/torrent/Google Drive, which of these media would you say  is easiest to burn a DVD?  and are these systems free--or does Mega or torrent or Google Drive require you to have a paid account with them?  sorry for the ignorance, i appreciate it.

Yes, i agree: let's get disc2 in my hands, and then go from there .  and thank you IvanNF--if i have a complete clusterf with the uploading/burning  process, I'll reach out!

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I was going to offer my assistance but I am very busy at this time and you couldn't be in better hands then Ivan.  Who had the patience to help me out with ABMS.  I won't say how long ago that was . lol


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great!  I'll try the DVD out when i get it and let you know.

my address is:

Tom Altpeter

503 W. Brittany Drive

Arlington Heights, ILL 60004

As for re-imbursing you, do you by chance have a Paypal account?  I'd be happy to cover any expenses this way.

thanks again, and anything I can do for you, please let me know.


PS: thanks, Ivan,  for the Torrent tutorial link....hopefully i wont need that because  the DVD Phisherman is sending will do the trick (fingers crossed!)

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Update: The dub is complete. It is premiering on my YouTube Channel July 2 at 8pm eastern. Link below.

As far as a "hard copy" for you. If a disc is still your preferred delivery system. I need to know a little about your player. This file is an MKV and if your player can't play an MKV from a data disc then I will need to convert it to something. If you can share your BluRay/DVD player's make and model I will look it up and make sure I send you what you need.

I think the sound is improved. But because neither audio source is very good and they are so different many will disagree with me.

hey Phisherman....awful generous of you.   And actually....i think i MAY have the capacity to listen to MKV files.  Let me share somethign i was reading on the web:

from them/

Our favorite choice for playing MKV files is VLC media player—mostly because it has built-in support and doesn’t require that you install anything else. Downloading and installing the program is easy if you follow these directions. Begin by navigating to the official download page at Beware of going anywhere else, because a lot of crapware vendors have fake VLC download sites.

Simply run the downloaded file to install VLC. The entire installation process should take no more than two or three minutes.

After the install is done, you’ll be able to watch any of your MKV files. Note that, while VLC does associate itself with all supported video and audio formats during the installation—including MKV—it does not register itself as the default app for those file types.

To watch an MKV file using VLC, right-click the MKV file, point to “Open With,” and then choose “VLC Media Player.”

....then they go on an give a few more details.  blah, blah blah...more great details on how to do it.  the POINT in my pasting their primer is, yes, I actually ALREADY have VLC media player on my computer.  So, if you forwarded the MKV file to me.....since this primer is telling me that VLC player CAN play MKV files......I should be good to play it, using my VLC app on my that CORRECT?

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