The other day I bought one of the new releases ,and I just got a call from my bank saying something I bought online was tagged and my card has been flagged and turned off as part of a security breach...

Anyone else have this happen to them? I've only used my card on line one other time in the past week and I'm pretty sure Lowes hasn't been hacked.My bank said they can't tell me what company it was.Thankfully I'm protected from theft so I'm not really worried.....more just annoyed!



has anyone else been told the same thing after buying someing from Nugs?

and anyone here know the company so they can be told they have a problem!



hopefully nothing comes from it.stay safe everyone....




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Normally they explain to you the who the culprit is , eg: a transaction with Macys, Target, Whole Foods etc.

Because they didn't tell you, it sounds like it's a problem on their end.  Perhaps a bunch of cards or transactions were hacked or stolen.

If NUGS had the problem it would be all over the fan sites.

I wouldn't worry about it.  


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Are you absolutely sure the call was from the bank that issues your credit card? We have received phone calls from scammers claiming there is a problem with our account. When I either ask them to get more specific before giving them any  information, they hang up.  It's like the people who call and say you are being investigated by the IRS.

I would contact the people who issued the card at the number printed on the card and bills and ask them about this.


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Yes 100% positive it was from my bank.

as soon as my wife hung up the phone I had her call the bank to make sure it wasn't a scam call.

we went through ID theft already (stolen mail) so I'm always questioning things like that.


my bank doesn't get the info on what or who it effected...they just got a report about it being used on a site that was part of a hack and the card was more then likely compromised so they are sending me a new one and the one I have will be disabled on April 10th.

they specifically said it was done on an online order....which I hardly ever do.


thanks everyone...  


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Given that Home Depot was hacked a few years back, I wouldn't be so sure it was Nugs and not Lowe's. In fact, if I had to bet, I'd guess Nugs takes online security more seriously than the average big box retailers. 

As big as Lowes is..... I would think if they got hacked and orders were compromised that it would have been all over the news.ESPECIALLY since Facebooks troubles last week.

News tends to see something like that , and then investigate every little thing that happens pertaining to any kind of security problem.

we would have heard about it.

no biggie I'm done wondering about it.Just thought I'd bring it up and see if any one else experienced it.


Thanks everyone.


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