.....how I can find out where the official breaks are for the discs in the set list. Just so I can kind of make them like  the ones they offer.

I have looked on the website but even if you put the cds in the basket, it still doesn't show you anything.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Tracks are generally labelled "bs160119d1_01, bs160119d1_02". The last 5 digits stand for "disc 1 track 1, disc 1 track 2," etc. Disc breaks do not have a very gentle fade-out  or -in for those who prefer to listen as one continuous show, but are meant as a rough indicator where disc breaks should occur. So far, discs mostly ran from MMITC to PB for disc 1 (13 tracks), disc 2 usually starting with Cadillac Ranch.

Thanks for the heads up. Do you know anywhere where the cd covers are posted online for the official shows? I might have a go at making some for my downloads.

I do like continual listening and I mostly use the PC to listen but now I am thinking after buying all these FLAC downloads, I might like to make some cds for each show.

Midimannz posted:

The transition between songs is a bit rough 

Example being???

Other than the recent fuck up, everyone i've listened to is ok.


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