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Been promising this one for ages now, so here it is. Going up to ABMS shortly (Thurs/Fri).

brucevideos presents...

Magic On TV DVD

1. Today Show broadcast, 28th September 2007

Encoded to DVD from HD transport files
In concert order, not broadcast order
Untouched 5.1 audio, 16:9 video, lossless editing other than fades and transitions

1. Promised Land
2. Radio Nowhere
3. Livin' In The Future
4. Last To Die (start missed coming back from adverts)
5. Long Walk Home
6. My Hometown
7. Night

2. VH1 Classic - first three songs from IZOD Arena, NJ, 10th October 2007

Untouched video and audio, other than fades

1. Radio Nowhere
2. Night
3. Lonesome Day

3. 60 minutes interview

Untouched video and audio, other than fades

Extra bonus - one of the video clips from the official site. No room on the disc for more!

Basic menu / chapters incl. Artwork coming.
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Originally Posted By: Patrick
Just a question, before I delete the VH1 broadcast I downloaded before, is the Dave Marsh interview from before the show on your DVD as well or just the three songs?

Just the first three songs. I figured that most people probably won't even watch the interview, and given the constraints of disc space I decided to leave it off.
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