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As you might have noticed, Brucebase Wiki is at a different wiki-site. Wikispaces closed down. We found a new home, but it takes a lot of time to get all the pages up and running (again). Unfortunately it is not just simply copy-paste.

All information from the old wiki is saved, and most is already available on its new location. We are now working backwards in time on each gig-page. 2018-1997 and 1949-64 are done). All the released Live-DL's gig-pages are done as well. Working now on 1996. 

A lot of new features as well, like tour statistics, song count, on this day, on stage with, venue-pages, etc.......

Hope you all like what we're doing.

Besides creating the pages we also moving the images of the old wiki to Flickr. And creating a lot of playlists per gig on Youtube, that we can embed on the gig-pages.

New sites location:

I'll be GROWIN' UP just FOR YOU Boss!       ~       Brucebase Wiki


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Ah is that the reason that many links to pictures, gig pages, ticketstubs, storytellers etc are not working? Thaks for the good work if this all will work again in the future. Am special interested in the early years (66-74) I use it to verify the anekdotes in the Born to Run book. Also to check on show recordings from that era which are often unclear or wrong. 

Brucebase Update
* We just finalized 1986, so all gig-pages avaialble for 1986-2019
* Youtube Playlists have been created for 1984 and 1985
* Venues for 1984 and 1985 are created
* Songs are identified, except for some snippets, which will come when the gig-pages are created
* 1985 images (Jan-Jun) are up on Flickr

So preparations to complete the BITUSA tour soon are well underway

I'll be GROWIN' UP just FOR YOU Boss!       ~       Brucebase Wiki


tillywilly17 posted:

Speaking of appreciation, I am taking opportunity to thank Ivannf, master of the news division, hardest working man on SPL, some of us notice you work your ass off helping people, thank you!

Thank you Tilly, although I've slacked off quite a bit in the last few years.....I'll be retiring from work soon, there may be an uptick! LOL

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