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To accompanying the release of his latest album, Western Stars, Bruce Springsteen worked on a documentary that chronicled the making of the album. While the film doesn't open nationwide until Friday (October 25), attendees of a movie theater in his native Freehold, New Jersey were treated to an early screen of the film and The Boss took to the event to surprise attendees.

"We knew we weren’t going to tour, so I tried to figure out a way to get the music to you as evocatively as we could," Springsteen, 70, told the audience at the AMC Freehold 14 movie theater on Saturday. "We ended up shooting the musical sections in the barn and the rest of our footage in Joshua Tree National Park. I just hope you enjoy it. If you have applause, I would save it for the end of the film because the editing and the pacing of the film has its own message."

Prior to the appearance, Springsteen shared the "Sundown" performance from the film and announced a soundtrack featuring live re-recordings of the album, as well as a new rendition of Glen Campbell's "Rhinestone Cowboy." Western Stars – Songs from the Film is scheduled for release on October 25.


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I enjoyed the album but I have zero desire to watch the movie.  Maybe if he didn't do the Broadway show I would feel this is an insight into Bruce that I needed but from seeing his promo stuff, I almost feel like I am his shrink listening to a patient. 

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