Bruce ribs Ellen cuz she forgot her ID


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An incident on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Ellen DeGeneres reveals during her talk show, Tuesday, that she got a little ribbing from fellow Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient Bruce Springsteen after forgetting her ID to enter the White House for the ceremony.

“I’m sitting on a bench … by the White House trying to figure out how I was gonna get in,” DeGeneres shares. “And it was freezing, by the way, because I thought I was just going from the car into the White House, so I didn’t bring a jacket … and all the honorees are passing me.”

She adds, “Bruce Springsteen and [his wife] Patty are passing me and they’re like, ‘How do you not bring ID to the White House?’ And I was like (points to her face), ‘This is my ID, Bruce. This is my ID.’ ”


DeGeneres shared a photo of herself stranded outside of the White House ahead of last week’s ceremony, revealing that she’d left her identification behind.

The 58-year-old, who was among 21 star-studded recipients, says that she’d known that she was getting the honor for a month ahead of time, and still didn’t plan accordingly.


“[My wife Portia de Rossi] thought it was hilarious,” DeGeneres says, adding, “And they kept saying ‘I’m so sorry,’ and the driver was rushing back to the hotel to try to get the ID, but it was gonna take about a half an hour and I’m supposed to be in for the rehearsal part of it. And anyway, we tweeted it out and after it was viewed by millions of people in about five minutes someone came out and went, ‘You can come in now.’ I was causing a fuss.”

DeGeneres got teary-eyed during the actual presentation, and received a hug and a kiss from President Barack Obama as he hung the medal around her neck.

She says of the moment, Tuesday, “That was my Thanksgiving; it was probably my best one ever in my entire life.”


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