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Bruce Springsteen is collaborating with Don Winslow on an anti-Trump film. This image comes from a trailer that Winslow tweeted.

“Springsteen. Winslow. Pennsylvania,” Don Winslow has tweeted, after a Tweet, previously today, that read: “Dear @realDonaldTrump. I heard you are going to Pennsylvania on Tuesday. I just left there.”

Winslow has been hinting, for weeks, about an anti-Trump video made with Bruce Springsteen. And its release seems to be imminent. Accompanying today’s Tweets was a 12-second teaser, see below, that uses a bit of music from Springsteen’s “Streets of Philadelphia” and includes a Springsteen credit.

(UPDATE: Winslow has tweeted out the teaser again, with this message: “This is a preview of one of my next videos, this one with the support of the great Bruce Springsteen who generously allowed me to use his music. Full length video will debut soon. It features hard working people in Pennsylvania that Donald Trump lied to, betrayed & left behind.”)

Winslow is best known as a crime and mystery novelist whose books include “The Cartel,” “Broken,” “The Border” and “The Power of the Dog.” But he has devoted a lot of time, this presidential election season, to making vicious anti-Trump videos. You can see his videos via his Twitter account, which currently has approximately 452,100 followers, or viahis YouTube page.

Springsteen has previously criticized Trump many times. In May, for instance, on his SiriusXM satellite radio DJ show, he said that Trump “went against his own government mandate in advising citizens to ‘liberate Michigan’ and ‘liberate Virginia.’ And frankly, that is the wrong language right now, and it pissed me off. It’s just weak and irresponsible. It was the gesture of a man willing to roll the dice with the lives of those who put him into office, and their children, and their elderly friends and families at risk, for perhaps nothing more than an election-year ploy. It’s cowardly.”

Winslow wrote on Twitter in September: “Thrilled to be working with Bruce @springsteen on our next video. He has been a hero of mine for so long. His extraordinary songs are the soundtrack of America.”

You can listen to the teaser here:


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