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Bruce’s Birthday 🍰 is tomorrow!

If you are in the northeast region of North America and planning on celebrating, order your cakes TODAY.

TOMORROW, all fresh bakery items will be subject to dynamic pricing according to demand.*




*All cakes ordered from Tulsa, 1/2 off plus free delivery.


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Original Post

OK. Here are the current prices as of 12:00 noon EST for verified freshly made cakes.

Seems like at 6:00am, full size 16” cakes were initially listed for $30, plus charges of $20 for frosting, $20 for florets or other decorations, $10 for cake flavors other than vanilla and $1 per candle. Subject to additional handling charges and additional pick-up or delivery charges, plus state, county, city and facility taxes. 14” cakes started at $28, and 12” cakes were $25.

By 7:00am base price for the 16” cakes rose to $95. 14” cakes were $87. 12” cakes were $110.

By 7:30am verified fresh cake prices rose to their current levels, where they have remained for several hours: 16” cakes are $250. $14” cakes are $280. $12” cakes are $230. Chocolate is no longer an option for frosting and vanilla flavor base cakes are no longer available.

Limited ‘cup cake’ sized cakes have popped up for $135 each, 1 flavor frosting and 1 candle included.  -But these are NOT verified, so buy at your own risk  

All other ‘cake’ goods sold out within 8 minutes after being available for purchase. Check eBay for other cake resellers. *

Odd note: As of 9:30am, Burger King is offering  for one day only a “Boss’s Birthday Burger Blast Bun” special - hard roll bun, 1/5th lb patty, Munster cheese, mustard and pickles topped with a layer of thick pumpkin spice frosting for only $12.99 - if you wish to celebrate and have a cheap substitute for a cake. (You can ask for ‘The Little Steven’ and they will throw in a small order of fries.)

*A reminder that verified 16” cakes ordered from Tulsa are still available at their 50% off price ($20, down to $10) plus $14 additional for any combination of flavors, frostings, decorations and candles requested. Free delivery.  If you ask for “The Phantom”, they will top off any cake with a mini chocolate chip cookie ‘accordion’ free of charge.   👍😃


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