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Was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a good blu ray ripper. Preferably freeware like DVD Decrypter or DVD shrink back in the day. What I ultimately want to be able to do is rip a blu ray movie and compress it with H.264 for use on PS3. If no freeware is available I will gladly pay for a program I know works well for what I want to do. Thanks!
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For decrypting the only usable freeware sollution is really DVDFab HD Decrypter .

When you haveit decrypted there are several ways to go.
The best combination of realtive ease of use and features is probably RipBot264 .

For more control and better audio format support/ability to use DTS sound then eac3to is a nice program to demux audio/video, convert audio formats etc.

If you go that way you would also be interested in ChapterGrabber for grabbing the chapters of BD discs, SupRip for converting BD subtitles to a text based format like srt and of course MKVToolNix for putting it all together.

RipBot264 does however do a decent enough job in most cases.
Thanks for the response Shabbydog. Yes, I downloaded DVD Fab last night but haven't yet tried it. I don't think it is truly freeware though..its a 30 day trial, correct? I will pay for it anyway if it works well. It has an option when you rip to convert to MP4 to play in PS3. I'm assuming it would prob be better to rip uncompressed with DVD Fab and then compress using other software you mentioned? Thanks again!
Well, DVDFab and DVDFab HD Decrypter is not the same thing.
DVDFab HD Decrypter is freeware but does nothing else than remove the copy protection and make a unencrypted copy on your harddrive.

DVDFab does that + what RipBot264 does, but for a price.

Sure, if the software beeing freeware isn't a 100% necesity then the DVDFab package is for sure a good pick.
I thought about doing that but wasnt sure if it would be frowned upon because its "official material". I could do it over the weekend if theres enough support for it. Paramount as well. I have already made a 720p rip of Paramount for my own personal use. I like 720p because it streams wirelessly nicely to my PS3. 1080p files are usually too big to stream wirelessly. LMK what everyone wants. Its a process when your talking blu ray because the files are so large so I want to do it once and get it right if Im going to do it at all. If the consensus is 1080p..I will do that..or 720p I can do as well. Also, if I do Paramount again..should I use the 5.1 AC3 or the 5.1 PCM? I wont upload the version of Paramount I already did for myself because I convert all of my MKV files into VOB for the PS3 and most folks probably want the MKV to do what they choose with.
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