Subject says it all. Never got round to doing this show first time round. Any thoughts on the best version of it (if there is more than one) ?

That's one thing - next is tracking the rascal down. Haven't seen it on dime or jungleland.

Cheers all.
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The first version to surface of 2005.05.28 was the KBRY tape - OK sound but a bit distant compared to the Essexboy tape from 2005.05.27.

The Doberman version of the second night is a re-EQ'd version of the KBRY tape - just boosted the volume really.

I have a much better version of 2005.05.28 which as far as I know hasn't circulated much yet - I've just got the OK to share it from my source so I'll be uploading it to ABMS very soon.

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