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Interesting new(?) DVD on Jungleland:

"Behind the Blood Bothers"

February 21, 1995
New York City, NY

AUDIO: AC3 224kb/s
VIDEO: NTSC/ all region, 704x480, 4363kbps, 29.970frame/s

All footage from TRAMPS is professional single camera footage from a member of
the Thrill Hill Production crew while making the "Blood Brothers" documentary.
Bruce & Co. took over Tramps in NYC on Feb 21, 1995 to make the "Murder Incorporated"
music video. At the same time, Bruce played a bunch of other songs for the crowd in
attendance. Although this is all pro-shot single cam footage, NO SONGS ARE COMPLETE.
You get to see unused footage, hang in the dressing room & see even more candid footage
than what was used in the official "Blood Brothers" doc.

DISC 1 - 90min
The Making of "Murder Incorporated' 1995
Band Rehearsals - on stage w/ crew & some club staff
01. Murder Incorporated
02. This Hard Land
03. Prove It All Night
04. Cadilac Ranch
05. actioning the drums
06. Murder Inc. - Patti & Nils acoustic rehearsal
07. after the rehearsals
08. make up session
09. before the show, outside Tramps, crowd

Acoustic Rehearsals - dressing room hangout
10. You Can Look But You'd Better Not Touch
11. Two Hearts
12. Bobby Jean
13. Spirit In The Night
14. The Promised Land
15. Ramrod
16. make up session
17. before the show - more Murder Inc. rehearsals

18. Demme intro
19. Murder Inc - last dressing room rehearsals
20. Murder Incorporated
21. playback, production stuff
22. stage left playback, production stuff
23. Springsteen & Demme discussion
24. Bobby Jean
25. Murder Incorporated
26. audience shots
27. after the show, Bruce talks to fans

DISC 2 - 77min
01. Pre-Show
02. Murder Incorporated (1)
03. Cadillac Ranch
04. Two Hearts
05. back stage
06. Murder Incorporated (2)
07. Murder Incorporated (Black & White)
08. Badlands
09. Ramrod
10. Thunder Road
11. Backstreets
12. Little Latin Lupe Lu
13. after show, Bruce leaves & drives his own vehicle
Bonus on disc 2:
Sony Studios NYC April 5th, 1995
Murder Incorporated
This Hard Land
Secret Garden
Streets of Philadelphia
Two Hearts
Thunder Road

Original Post

Behind The Blood Brothers (AUTHORED MENU version)


Test discs burned with ImgBurn in Build mode
Checksum MD5 created of the RAR parts by Trader's Little Helper.
Artwork created from front and back images at Gigsinjapan: I added the back that makes you find it in a shelf.

Description/history source:

DVD 1: The Making Of "Murder Incorporated" 1995: Band rehearsals: Murder Incorporated, This Hard Land, Prove It All Night, Cadillac Ranch, Actioning The Drums, Murder Inc. - Pattie & Nils acoustic rehearsal, After The Rehearsals, Make Up session, before the show - outside Tramps. Acoustic rehearsals: You Can Look But You'd Better Not Touch, Two Hearts, Bobby Jean, Spirit In The Night, The Promised Land, Ramrod, make up sessions, before the show - Murder Inc. rehearsals, Landau intro., Murder Inc. - last rehearsal, Murder Incorporated, playback, stage left playback, Springsteen & Demme discussion, Bobby Jean, Murder Incorporated (slower version), audience shots, after the show - Bruce talks to fans.


DVD 2: Pre-show, Murder Incorporated (1), Cadillac Ranch, Two Hearts, back stage, Murder Incorporated (2), Murder Incorporated (Black & White), Badlands, Ramrod, Thunder Road, Backstreets, Little Latin Lupe Loop, after-show. Sony Studios, NYC - April 5th, 1995: Murder Incorporated, This Hard Land, Secret Garden, Streets Of Philadelphia, Two Hearts, Thunder Road.


When Bruce Springsteen agreed to reunite with the E Street band for the first time in many years to record additional songs for the Greatest Hits collection, director Ernie Fritz captured it for posterity and released a 90 minute documentary called Blood Brothers: Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band. Behind The Blood Brothers, this new 2DVD release on the Blood Brothers label (produced by the TMR people) collects all of the outtakes surrounding the band's filming of the "Murder Incorporated" video at Tramps and also included the complete set at Sony Studios taped for "Late Night With David Letterman". The quality of the sound and video is outstanding. Fritz show the documentary in a slightly grainy look and this is the same here. The sound is in excellent stereo. There are some parts during the concert footage at Tramps where the sound speeds up sounding like someone hit the fast forward button on the tape deck. They don't last too long but is there.


The quality of the Sony Studio show is excellent all around. The label claims it from the master and could well be. It is interesting to watch the band as they work out the song, talk backstage with John Landau and Johnathan Demme, and generally goof around in high spirits. At some points the camera crew become too intrusive like when they walk in while Bruce is changing for the set. There is an abrupt edit and we're back again with him fully clothed. We can eavesdrop on a conversation about the length of the set and Demme addressing the invited audience, asking them to be patient since they'll play "Murder Incorporated" several times. Several shots reveal just how full the stage is with the band an several cameramen cluttering up the view. The part I found very enjoyable is the Sony Studio footage. The audio has been released as Sony Studios, April 5th, 1995 on E.ST. Records (ES-27/28) and in upgraded quality as Sony Studios on Crystal Cat (CC 431/432). This looks like it's from the master reels and is complete. "Streets Of Philadelphia" is very moving and is one of the highlights. This release is being touted as the first important title for 2006. I'm sure that Bruce Springsteen fans will really enjoy this and make this essential. (GS)

uploaded to ABMS in May 2008
by kajsa89

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