User Thunder Road, from Western Australia ...
I sent 6 blank dvds 2 months ago and should receive 'the lost tv show' from 93 ...
very few replies, delay due to health and money issues, and i respected that but he wrote me he was goin?to send 'next week' ...
that is gone already and nothing, wrote twice and no replies ...
i?d rather not to this 'bad trader alert' but ...
and if i ever receive 'show' will post it here.
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He could have sent them and not been online since. And mail from Western Australia can take some time to get to EU and USA.

Is 6 blank DVD's something to make this fuzz about?

on july 7th he said it would be out 'next week' ...2 months ??
yes, 6 dvds cost something to me ,wanna paypal me the amount ?
and there?s the 'deal' ... what happens to that?
and no replies ?
Blancos, you should be careful when you poste about an bad trader, first you need to be sure that he is a bad trader and have evidences that he was dishonest with you.

Give him some more time.

I want TV reports,TV specials,documentaires from TV Stations all over the world
But if he actually cheated, it should not be a question of how many discs were sent or how much they cost. It is the principle of honesty that matters!
he he he ... you are absolutely right !!! these post makes the remenber one post that some mods locked a few months ago about an bad trader...
I want TV reports,TV specials,documentaires from TV Stations all over the world
Trading is always a crapshoot. From bad rips/burns to unresponsive/lying traders, I had seen enough to make me retire from trading.

Then I got myself a high speed internet connection and taught myself bit torrent. It's the greatest thing in the world.
I'm still waiting for Orakelet to pick up the tab for Blanco's loss since it's "nothing to make a fuss about".
Just when they think they have all the answers, I come and change all the questions.
Originally Posted By: pedro
he he he ... you are absolutely right !!! these post makes the remenber one post that some mods locked a few months ago about an bad trader...

Ohh, don't we all recall that "thesis" of pro vs contra posting such info...?
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I don't do DVD's, but send me a PM, and I'll send you an audio-show to help heal your wound.

I do DVDs, and don't mind sending Blancos a copy of the Lost TV-93. No Bruce fan should - if not of free will - be without that one!

Blancos, just send me a PM if you still need it.

"Orakelet" may still send you some audio... :-)

You should not be on here complaining about Thunder Road from Western Australia. I have traded with him and had NO problems.

I have had problems with you, however. You yourself took over 2 months to send me 6 DVDs. It took about a dozen emails to get them out of you. Guess you forgot. Lots of excuses on your end as well.

I will NEVER trade with you again, however, I will trade with Thunder Road any day of the week.

ken, maybe if i were you i wouldn?t also trade with me again after all the waiting , but one way or another i finished my trade (i counted on someone to burn discs and he f... me , no excuses - i know- , but that?s what happened). i?m sorry.
as thunder road did some good trades i also traded with many people and had no problems - i even did some freebies to help people out.
that?s how life goes.we make mistakes sometimes.
i took my chances of getting a 'bad trader alert' as well.
thanks for not doing that.
i?ll be happy to tell here that trade is complete if i get dvds.and tell here that thunder road is OK.
I know he had health issues, and i can wait a year if that?s the problem, but does not seem so ...
anyway thanks for the 'offers', i?ll pm soon and if needed i can send blanks again.
this kind of talk is not the one i like to be part of but ...
as i finished my 'bad trade' with ken i also like this one to finish.
sorry ken, and sorry t. road - please, if discs were sent let me know.
Good grief - get a life there's more to life than DVD trading!

I've traded literally 1000's of DVD's, uploaded some stuff, done mega freebie offers , posted some useful technical info , started many vines and several trees, helped out with taping, sourced master tapes and distributed them, got people into gigs and got my kids into Bruce in a big way.

Right now though I'm getting divorced. This is SHIT and takes up a lot of my time. The kids take up a whole hill of time as does work. I owe one B&P out (thanks Neil for being so patient it will get done soon) and I feel bad as hell about that. And my PC has been fooked for the last 6 weeks.....

Public name calling isn't where it's at guys - get a life and/or contribute more.

Carlos grin

PS Kajsa none aimed your way!
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