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Well, this time next Friday my wfe and I will be on our way to our vacation in upstate NY, listening to E Street Radio to see if there will be an upload.  If there is, we'll listen to it in the car on the way - wifi is sketchy at the place where we stay, so I don't know if I'll be able to get the download when it's posted here, but it will be waiting when we get back.

On the other hand, if it doesn't come next Friday, maybe the following week as we're enjoying our last day at the lake I'll check it out on the mobile app sitting on the beach.

Either way, I find myself losing interest in the guessing games.

(I'm pretty sure the disinterest will not be a permanent condition)


@scoper posted:

It's confirmed that there will be one coming tomorrow. We don't know which show yet.

The ultimate jinx.  That's like a sports announcer saying this guy has a 15 game hitting streak going and the player goes 0-4.


The SPL Rocks!


Pulled up to my house today
Came and took my little girl away!
Giants Stadium 8/28/03


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