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Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

Title: N/A Label: N/A Catalog #: N/A Format: 3 CDR Source: IEM    Bruce Base: Story Teller:  Total Time: 2 hours 55 minutes 32 seconds    Date: July 07th 2012     Location: Festivalplasden, Roskilde, Denmark

Transfer/Trade and Generation Info: files wav trade -> Nero Wave Editor -> Split -> TLH -> Flac (level 8) Align on Sector Boundaries. Include: md5 (wav/flac), ffp, schntool info/len/legend, Frequency-Spectral Analysis, Artworks, Info file and Par2 Recovery Files at 10%.



Start: ca. 9.10pm

CD 1: (62:52)

01 No Surrender (5:29) 02 Badlands (6:16) 03 Two Hearts (3:53) 04 We Take Care Of Our Own (4:35) 05 Wrecking Ball (6:25) 06 Death To My Hometown (5:16) 07 My City Of Ruins (13:04) 08 Spirit In The Night (10:58) 09 The E Street Shuffle (6:56)

CD 2: (38:10)

01 Jack Of All Trades (6:49) 02 Trapped 5:09) 03 Because The Night (5:43) 04 Working On The Highway (4:57) 05 Shackled And Drawn (6:58) 06 Waiting On A Sunny Day (8:34)

CD 3: (74:30)

01 The River (start cut) (6:16) 02 The Rising (5:06) 03 Out In The Street (5:48) 04 Land Of Hope And Dreams (8:02) 05 Intro (2:39) 06 We Are Alive (6:28) 07 Born In The USA (4:58) 08 Born To Run (5:35) 09 Glory Days (5:59) 10 Dancing In The Dark (7:08) 11 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (6:37) 12 Crowd (1:07) 13 Twist And Shout (6:37) 14 Outro (2:10)

End: ca. 00:11am

NOTE: I received this UNCIRCULATED IEM audio in wav file from an anonymous person, only The River has the first 2 seconds missing that i edited with a patch using the LB audience version. I left both songs, both the original ones, that the ones edited, to maintain the source's integrity and have the constant sound in the CDs.


From Brucebase: Audience tape (by LB). Pro-shot video of "The E Street Shuffle" is subsequently posted to Bruce's Youtube channel. Springsteen and band perform on the Orange Stage at Denmark's Roskilde Festival. Back to a more standard 26-song / ~three hour festival set, featuring members of The Roots (Black Thought, F. Knuckles, Captain Kirk Douglas, Damon “Tuba Gooding Jr.” Bryson, James Poyser, and Mark Kelley) on "The E Street Shuffle" and again for the finale "Twist And Shout". They played the same stage earlier in the day. "Two Hearts" includes "It Takes Two". "My City Of Ruins" includes a snippet of "Sad Mood". Set features the 300th performance of "No Surrender". First ever performances in Denmark of "We Take Care Of Our Own", "Wrecking Ball", "Death To My Hometown", "The E Street Shuffle", "Jack Of All Trades", "Shackled And Drawn", and "We Are Alive". Patti Scialfa is not present.


Thank you so much to this "Anonimous person" for this EXCELLENT IEM recording!


Hope you Enjoy hrubesh

tought there would be any talk about this one!

one of the top 10 recordings of bruce

and for the ones who did not now the recording here is glory days


there are only two kinds of music ROCK and ROLL


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