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Cheap tickets can be found if one looks. The issue is when you include airfare and a hotel for one or two nights then it's close to if not over a $1000.  Cheapest hotels in Tampa close to the arena are $300-400 a night. For that amount of money I may as well buy a $700 ticket to the Hollywood show and sleep in my own bed afterwards. Only other expense would be the Uber. Same in the spring up in NY-NJ, buy a $300 ticket and sleep in my own bed in NJ(and use public transportation).

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My Tampa hotel was $140 3 miles from the arena and a single bus with minimal walking. My flight was $140. $280 so far but I need a ticket.

My Dallas Trip (I don't have a ticket yet but could buy a $50 rear today so we'll use $50)

Airfare $100 ticket $50  Hotel $47  2 bus/rail day passes (one for each day) $12

Total $209  much lower than $1000

Tulsa (I bought Tulsa before the price bottomed out so I paid more for my seat but you can get in for $30)

Airfare $345   Ticket $30   Room  $42. Bus $4 for a 24 hour pass

Total $421  much lower than $1000

Houston I bought my rearstage ticket already $30 with fees.

Airfare $70 round Trip  Ticket  $30  room $85 Bus $3 day pas. Not sure if it is 24 hours or end of day so we'll say I need 2. $6

Total  $191  Much lower than $1000

Portland, the first show I booked and my best seat of the tour cost me around $1000 with flight.

I don't stay in DIVE hotels. Me has damn standards!

I also prefer to walk to the arena and back. You gonna find a bus at 11-1130 at night around a crowded arena?  I'll never forget leaving the Miami arena after the 2002 Rising show and waiting almost an hour to find a taxi.  And the same issue in Orlando in 2004, no transportation, until I ran into some familiar faces from RMAS.  Unless you're in a city like NY or Philly that has public transportation 24/7 staying at a hotel miles from the venue is a non-starter for me. I somehow don't see Dallas, Tulsa, or Houston having that. I've checked all of those out also. Dallas doesn't work as I have a buddy from NJ visiting here in Fla that weekend, Tulsa is right after President's Day weekend and air fares are high. Houston, airfares from FLL are high also.

Fuck it, I'll wait till the stadium shows in the summer. You wind up watching the screen anyway.

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