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After E Street Band announced that Bruce Springsteen was having ‘symptoms of peptic ulcer disease’ and the cancellation of their next gigs, the details of the rocker’s medical care were disclosed by a confidential source, speaking to

The insider with close ties to Springsteen revealed that Patti Scialfa, his medical team, and his E Street band members intervened, encouraging him to postpone his performances. They also said:

“Bruce has had a rough couple of years. He’s had COVID several times and even had to pull the plug on shows in August due to getting the latest strain. This was just a couple of weeks ago, and it really takes a toll on someone of his age.”

The source further mentioned that the singer hadn’t felt quite like himself since his throat surgery back in 2013. During the procedure, surgeons had to make incisions on his vocal cords to address issues with damaged discs in his neck. They then added:

“It has really had an impact on his overall well-being. Everyone wants him to just focus on his health and not push himself.”

They also shared how Springsteen felt after canceling the shows:

“Bruce hates not being able to do what he loves. Although an ulcer doesn’t sound serious, it can be and can require surgery. Bruce isn’t dying, which is the best-case scenario; he isn’t hiding from any other lingering problems; the ulcers that he has are just kicking his a** and making it very uncomfortable to perform the way that he and his fans expect.”

Before saying that Bruce would be back on stage after a few weeks of rest, the insider explained:

“Bruce is in amazing shape, and with this setback, it just sucks because once Bruce is on tour, he fully encompasses himself with it. It is who he is, so this bump in the road frustrates the hell out of him, but his stubborn nature was nurtured by his bandmates and wife, who convinced him to get healthy now so something worse doesn’t happen down the line.”

They finished their words, stating:

“He has to listen to his doctors over his demanding work ethic he puts himself through, and he is actually doing it and will give the rest of his shows 120 percent.”

E Street Band and Springsteen postponed all their September shows, including stops in Syracuse, Albany, and Uncasville, Connecticut. In a recent X post, Richie Sambora shared a supportive message, extending well wishes to the rocker as he deals with health challenges.


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@vnn posted:

120% sounds like a stupid idea at this point. Just play River outtakes at 100%, and we’ll all be happy.

I might be alone here, but I would be thrilled if the show would not consist solely of River outtakes...

But of some BITUSA outtakes too.  

Hey, Boss! Keep the static setlist!
You can even keep frigging   Kitty   in there, as long as the "narrative" of the 2024 shows includes "Follow that dream".

(OMG, would that actually count as a River outtake too? Ok, how 'bout "Unsatisfied Heart")

Hey! If you keep the E St BIG BAND outfit... There is enough female power for "Protection", no?

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