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Did Houston's Ban Nils Lofgren's Wife Over Pandemic Policy Criticism?

| NOVEMBER 30, 2020 | 12:21PM

An upscale Scottsdale restaurant is taking heat on Twitter after the wife of Bruce Springsteen's guitarist was asked not to return. She believes the move was in retaliation for raising concerns about workers' safety there from COVID-19.

Amy Aiello Lofgren told Phoenix New Times that as she was paying her bill at Houston's on Friday, a manager told her that it would be her last time dining at that restaurant.

“You're not a good fit for Houston's,” Aiello Lofgren said she remembers the manager saying. Nothing else unusual happened during her visit, besides being told she had to pay with a card instead of cash, leading her to believe her banishment was a result of speaking out about concerns employees had earlier this year related to COVID-19 protocols.


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Every customer service person should wear a mask. In our work place it's mandatory. I don't like it, but I do care about our customers.

Once you wear a mask, you'll notice that grocery shopping with a mask on is not a hard task. Try wearing one for 9 hours. Respect to those who wear a mask at their workplace raises to a whole new level.

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