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Hello to friends in the good ol' US of A.

You are about to head out on to a desert island for God knows how long. Your ship has gone adrift. You could be there for another four months, or it could be four more years.

It's up to you what song you want to hear. But the catch is, you can only hear that one song you choose, over and over. Sound familiar?

You have only two candidates and seven days to decide. Which song? Three would have been nice!

Once you're on that island, some wet weather would be good, of course, because you'll need to grow things to survive. "The house is on fire." You are told there is a drought.

But on the other hand, that island might be a good party. Things aren't all that dry. In fact, in many ways they're looking up, and your last and least concern is the rain. You know it will come naturally in time.

The first choice is Rainmaker.

Now the rainmaker's solution is to fire buckshot into low clouds. Most people don't believe it will work. Such a tactic has no proven record. Many claim that it is no more effective than injecting a disinfectant into your veins to cure cold symptoms. You've heard this lie before. Despite dubious proclamations, many are going with the rainmaker. "Sometimes folks need to believe in something so bad" they will go to extremes.

The second choice is Sleepy Joe's Café, where things aren't so dire. Everyone is gathering and there is less sense of fear.

The place is a rocking party central. It has a band. It sounds like so much fun, you might not want to leave the island. People are free to "dance the night away." Come rain or shine, the place is "a pretty little gold mine." The drought will take care of itself. You're inside the house, and it isn't on fire. You don't need the rain or the rainmaker.

Be wise and make the right choice!

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