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Hey everybody. My son got a ticket to the Kansas City show in the pit. He is wondering what the best course of action is to get near the stage front? His goal is to play a song with Bruce because he is a musician and songwriter in Nashville, so he will have a sign. He is a short, twenty year old kid if that makes any difference - also he probably knows more than us about Bruce to be quite honest. Looking for some advice from all that have been around the block!

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Although I am not known for my gospel like knowledge, as Forrest Gump said "I may not be a bright man, but I know what Covid is" (or something like that).  I would urge your son not to get High Hopes.  Bruce had very little one on one interaction with fans in Tampa -- and many of the support staff were masked for the entire show.  At one point, even Jon Landau was masked on the sidelines.

The new Pit arrangement has a front barrier -- with a space of 5-10 feet or so between the edge of the stage and the front of the PIT.  This does provide for camera access for both the video crew and the photographers (Danny below, and Nicki and another person shooting) -- but IMHO also provides a bit of distance between the fans and the band - perhaps not an accident.  The center runway juts into the GA area, not sure what that arrangement is over there.

As Tara noted, there were very few signs -- and those disappeared quickly.  At this point the band seemed to be going to play the preset setlist without deviation -- which makes sense.

In terms of getting close to the stage, arrive a bit early (entry for Tampa and Atlanta tonight seems to be at 6:30) and wear his running shoes.  In Tampa somebody did the "write a number on you" thing -- and I heard the venue honored it.  Here is Atlanta -- an email suggests 2 entry points for 6:30 will allow GA PIT folks in -- so they will need more magic markers I guess :-).   I entered around 7:00 and was sitting second row up from the pit.  Right up until showtime you could get a good spot in the pit.  The crowd was not as crunched as it was in 2016 and everyone seemed well behaved.  He didn't venture to the edges of the front runway very much yet -- so if your son wants to be seen somewhere towards the center is advisable -- but of course more crowded there.

Perhaps things will ease before KC -- but I think this may be the "new normal" -- at least for now.  Best to check in on behaviors as the KC date approaches.  Oats and I saw him in KC on one of the tours years ago (and one of our road trips) (Magic) -- good crowd and venue if I remember correctly.

I hope I am wrong -- but I don't think playing onstage with Bruce is going to happen.



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Agree no signs in the pit from my vantage or two in the section next to me

When we entered the bldg about 645pm the pit had 200 people in it according to reports

Remainder of pit people gradually filled it up until show time...estimate maybe 600-700

Even later arrivals could get a good spot

Some got to the rail on the side of  the stage

Pit was orderly. No pushing or shoving

They got a wristband upon arrival



just stand back and let it all be

99% go to see Bruce play with the band, not with a random audience member. I also don't care about turning Bruce into a jukebox with the signs. I think if the gap between the stage and the fans keeps the band healthy and playing on tour then I am all in favor of it. Granted, their track record of not getting COVID is not stellar at this point.

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