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A few that were not uploaded to ABMS from the torrent sites:

2012-04-29-New Orleans-Taper Advocate tape(originally on Trader's Den)-

2012-05-02-Newark-Neo remaster of Bakerstuff tape-

2012-06-22-Manchester-Tommy Bagnall tape- (This one has multiple SBE errors that I will fix)

That should just about cover everything that is still missing from ABMS. Except the Duke remasters which don't really seem worth the effort.
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2012-06-07-dm tape-

2012-06-07-The Night They Drove San Siro Down(Kokomo)-

2012-06-17-Madrid-javichun tape-

2012-06-17-Spanish Eyes(Godfather silver)-

I'll keep uploading to ABMS whatever hasn't gone up as I get the chance. I've renamed all the files too, for those that that still burn to CD(and fixed whatever SBE's I've run across).
More ABMS uploads:

Put up by the ABMS Guardian:

Dublin July 17:
Dublin July 18:

Upped by me:
Oslo July 21: (resampled to 16/44.1, tracks renamed)
Bergen July 23: (tracks renamed, SBE's fixed)
Indeed, the Oslo tape is missing two tracks in the main show and all the encores. The taper had problems I assume.

Bergen July 24: (tracks renamed, SBE's fixed)

They moved me to a different hotel room, the damn shower had no water pressure. I've lost access to my fast 4G(can't get a signal) and had to use the hotel wi-fi for the last upload, very slow, unlike last year. So, unless they move me back tomorrow the rest of what's missing from ABMS(2 versions each of July 27, July 28, and July 31) will have to wait till mid-week when I get back to "The Great State of New Jersey". Unless of course someone else wants to pick up the slack.
It should be noted that the July 27 and July 28 Gothenburg tapes from LB that Neil put up are 24/48 flac, while the one that I put up so far and will tonighgt with the other one wil be 16/44.1.

As for the 7/31 Corenol tape that is on Jungleland and now on ABMS, it has severe SBE's(as does the Montpellier boot recently put on JL). Clean versions of these will be posted on ABMS.
Recently uploaded to ABMS or about to be:

Montpellier, 2012-06-19: Germain version, SBE's FIXED

Helsinki, 2012-07-31: Corenol 16-bit version, SBE's FIXED

Detroit, 1981-08-11: JEMS master

Boston, 2012-08-14: Bakerstuff tape
Went up last night/today to ABMS:

1984-11-25-Dallas(mjk5510 master):

1984-11-26-Dallas(mjk5510 master):

2012-09-08-Chicago(soomlos tape):

2012-09-14-Washington(vwmule tape):

NJ shows starting later today
Originally Posted By: IvanNF
Moncton(ColinW) was upped on Aug 30 by solo189

Vernon(bakerstuff) was upped on Sep 1 also by solo189

I missed the Chicago 1 by soomlos. I'll get on it unless you have it ready, Neil.

your metlife uploads did not sync up with the uploads I had downloaded from JL so I thought I'd wait for these items I had listed

As for the other uploaders, I wanted to make sure that your versions (track names, file analyst... and other info) make it to abms too.


NOT DO, DEAD - Dr Sung Park - from the TNT Show Monday Mornings


Those that were uploaded by others I have no plans to upload myself. I did do the same on those for my own purposes but don't see the need to duplicate uploads.

They're all the same exact files except they've been renamed and split to fit onto three discs. Some have had tags added too. New .md5 and .ffp tiles created also, although the .ffp files should match even if the name changes. NO music has been touched. Anyone can download those files and change the names themselves, and lots of folks don't bother with splitting into discs anymore either, I stopped burning discs myself but just continued the tradition for those that do.

If there's a demand for it I'll do it though.
Ivan - Once again thanks for all your efforts in making ABMS comprehensive.

Is there any chance you could upload the final PAR file that you would have uploaded for Chicago 1?

I dont need the flac files posted because I can use QuickPar to recreate what would have been in your download from the set Neil uploaded earlier. However QuickPar needs 28 more blocks to be able to "repair" Neils files. The repair effectively adds in the tags you have added to your copy.

If this is inconvenient then dont bother. It is not a problem for me because I have Neils set but it would be nice to have any tags that you added.
Uploaded last night and today:

1985-09-23-Denver(mjk5510 tape): This one actually went up to ABMS on Oct 13 and the following night was uploaded by Ponyboy the next day.

2012-09-19-East Rutherford*Bossman284 tape):

1971-07-20-Lincroft(mjk5510 tape):

1988-05-06-Tacoma(jer7767 tape):

To be uploaded later today/tonight:

1988-07-10-Sheffield(Doctor Davros tape):

2008-08-23-St. Louis 2008- 8 -St. Louis(8IEM-Aud mix by EV2):

2012-10-16-Little Kids Rock Gala-NYC(Larryrulz tape):
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