A really good article from the NJ Monthly Archives by Matt Hendrickson of Rolling Stone

My wife's Aunt Tib, her namesake, was like a second mother to her.  Aunt Tib was college educated right here in NJ and went on to have a very successful teaching career. 

Aunt Tib never had children and Beth was her only niece.  Tib was beautiful, graceful, very smart and elegant.  Someone to look up to. Tib lived in South Jersey her entire life, the latter third in Cape May.  We always visited her and had many extended and most enjoyable stays with her.

Aunt Tib and my wife are so much alike, it's a bit spooky. However there was always one difference.  Aunt Tib was conservative, my wife not so much. lol  I loved Aunt Tib too much to get into any political discussions with her and we were friends the rest of our days until she passed, nearly three years ago.

Now you may say...What does this have to do with Bruce?  I'm getting there. Recently Beth lost her own mother and as she did with Aunt Tib, she's been going through the estate looking at notes and keepsakes, reminders of old times.

While going through some paperwork, Beth came across a magazine, not from he mother but from Aunt Tib.  Aunt Tib had bookmarked a page and put it aside for me. Somehow during our time together it had been packed and put away mixed with some of her mother's papers.  I never saw it.  It still had the paper clip marking the page Aunt Tib wanted me to read.

Beth and I met on a Bruce Forum  in November, 2007 and later at a concert.  Basically, Bruce's music brought us together.  Aunt Tib realized that and always thought we were the perfect couple.  Another point I'd have to agree with her on.

I read this article and felt like I was sitting at the kitchen table with her, me reading the article while she did the NY Times crossword puzzle.   Of course we'd discuss the article when I finished reading it.

I miss you Aunt Tib.  This is the article:

You’re Beautiful When You’re Angry





The SPL Rocks!


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Came and took my little girl away!
Giants Stadium 8/28/03


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