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Our Guru Bruce turns 71 today. Does that mean all us longtime fans are old?

His 21st album, "Letter to You" is coming out on October 23. Trust me, I will be a lot younger than my 58 years on that day.

If this record is anywhere near as great as Western Stars is, I might need sedatives to calm me down.

I started becoming a crazy fan at 16 in 1978 - 42 friggin' years ago!

Happy Birthday, Boss, keep on rocking!

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Our Guru Bruce turns 71 today.

"Guru" translated from the Sanscrit means


And such he has been for me for many many many years.

I am German and we do not have the expression about music that I sometimes hear in the english language. There is a song, saying

"Last Night A DJ Saved My Life"

Thank you Guru ji Bruce for saving my life on many occasions.

Happy Birthday!

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