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Is it just me

I live in a republican town.
Have a council that consists of 2 Democrats, and 5 Republicans

They have fucked up my town royally over the past 3 years.
And are almost 1 million in legal fees.. blah blah blah

The republicans have "erected" this sign out of sheets?
And have it hanging from one of the "vote for me" contestants trucks.
There is a sign law on how big.. does this count?

Is this over the top? Am i being critical because its not my party?
the height is 85 feet and they claim the 'evil democrats' that are up for election will make condos that high in my town.
blah blah blah.. not true..don't ask.

Anyway hope the poll works, its the first on the new board.

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Posted by Karen ·
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