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Reply to "Where have you seen Bruce in concert?"

@desa33 posted:
Best opening song: Adam Raised A Cain - Berlin 2016
NOW I am counting myself lucky!
When the River tour started in the US in 2016 I was so in awe. "Bruce is coming to Europe as well. I have a ticket for Berlin. Every show so far has started with 'MEET ME IN THE CITY'. I am going to hear this song live!"
By now we know... I could not have been more wrong.
When the tour moved to Europe, suddenly "Badlands" was all the rage again, as a concert opener.
But: He managed to make interesting choices as well, still.
"Incident" in Dublin, "Prove it '78" in Munich... so I read during the SPL Setlist Watch.
When I finally saw the show I had a ticket for... Berlin... he started with "Adam Raised A Cain." The "Dead Body" of DOTEOT.
I never liked that song much, and was frustrated when he opened the show with it. Happy to know there is people out there who think otherwise.
"One man's coffee"... In some fashion.