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So yesterday Queen tickets went on sale. My son Toby is a huge fan so I decided to try and get tickets to the show for his stocking. The only problem is , being on a tight income because I'm still on LnI for my wrist, I had to 

1) wait for the mailman to bring me my check

2) look for decent price tickets.

All day starting at 10: 00 A.M. I sat and watched and looked at various ticket prices and prayed the mailman would come soon,which he didn't,nothing new where I live, But I like to hope every two weeks anyway. So I was watching this one section that was on the side and about half way through the arena, I was really happy because they were priced at $89.00 dollars a seat. Which is a price within my range.

Finally the mail man comes at his usual time of 3: 30, I look at the venue one more time and still plenty of seats in that area for 89.00 dollars. I grab the check and race to the bank and come home, all in all about an hour went past.

I sit down,log in and find the section I was looking at..... THEY ARE NOW PRICED AT $99.50 a seat!



HOW IN THE HELL CAN THEY JUST CHANGE THE PRICE LIKE THAT??? They weren't verified resale tickets, they were standard tickets that were being sold by TICKETBASTARD!

How can they just change the price out of the blue like that? Anyone ever hear of that before? I can see if it was tickets someone bought and are now reselling, but these weren't marked like that...…


 "Hey man, did you see that? His body hit the street with such a beautiful thud" 


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