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Reply to ""The Bells of San Salvador" -- 38 years young"

jsavage posted:
Ponyboy posted:

Updated, and softened ;-)

Are you one of the editors at Brucebase as well?

If so, my name is still incorrect,  it should read Johnny Savage.

Also, I'm not quite sure why the people behind the Labor of Love label need to be mentioned at all.   The revision now implies they were doing some kind of research in putting together their song titles ("The creators of Lost Masters appear to have their facts wrong"). 

I would suggest these fans did nothing more than listen to the recordings, make their best guess on each selected track, and take the art to the printers.

Going off-topic a bit here:

Today I took a gander at some of the other Brucebase session pages, and  I am kind of shocked to discover an enormous amount of personal opinion and editorializing in the introductions, and beneath many  listed tracks.  There is also way, way too much detail breakdown here and there.  It is distracting and confusing, to say the least.

Now it must be said that back in the day I'd see an occasional kudo on the Brucebase session pages for a really wonderful outtake, but never the kind of often harsh rhetoric that is there now.  I don't think it benefits the history of the site, or those fans who may be visiting for the first time to learn more about Bruce's stunning studio work through the years.

Why the change?

I am the main founder of Brucebase at it's current location. Name changed. I will look into the personal opinions, and talk to TillyWilly about it. I shared your concern on this before, however for me it's way too difficult to monitor all these changes.