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Reply to ""The Bells of San Salvador" -- 38 years young"

jsavage posted:

I did some research today and determined "The Bells of San Salvador" demos -- and perhaps everything from that tape which we find on The Lost Masters X --  were made in February-March 1982, based on front page newspaper reports of the tragedy, published January 27, 1982.


I am aware of that, though there are conflicting reports that part of the CD comes from another tape late 1981. In my timeline spreadsheet I have most of it in March 1982, before the rehearsals around April 10 1982.

I personally suspect "Bells" was composed March 1982 but I cannot write that without good source,  or enough elements pointing to the date. Send me whatever you have on this.

The date of the event is very good, and we know he was busy with Gary US and then went to LA early March re Donna Summer and Quincey Jones

the second half of March seems to be open

I did research that CD too, and I remember thinking most of it was source from a tape from March 1982

but that some tracks might be from 1981

I guess we need to go over this I will email you

sorry I have been very busy lately


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