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Reply to ""The Bells of San Salvador" -- 38 years young"


Thanks for your opinions, we will go over all your points. According to analytics, Brucebase has doubled to over 1 million hits per month in the past year, and on the boards I visit, the comments are very positive about the content. However, your comments have some excellent points, and there is definitely room for improvement. I like it when people criticize, that's when valuable information I can use is sometimes expressed, not that I don't also enjoy the nice things people have said. 

Brucebase has always been flavored by personal commentary of the writer and editors. Before I joined the team, I was a reader and contributor for many years.

Some of it I liked, some I didn't. The content you objected to remarked on the imperfections of The Lost Masters, which came to us from two enterprising individuals, who overcame ethical and moral objections to purchasing stolen property in achieving this. So while I love bootlegs, I will always have some ambivelence toward their creators, and have never envinsioned them as "fans", which perhaps they once were before they became businessmen. I had a good laugh when creators of "Fire On the Fingertips" called "Bisop Danced", "Mama Does 'Rithmetic", don't get me wrong.

In revising and updating session pages, I revised many areas where I felt Pete had injected too many personal observations. I have obviously replaced those with some of my own. We usually edit that out too, when it is noticed, but if it is artfully expressed, it might stay. Brucebase is not on encyclopedia or government report, It is a compilation of fanbased  accounts, professional research, and detective work, combined with an incomparable work ethic over 25 years.

Too much information? I have heard that twice before. I particpate on many boards so I can observe what readers have to say, because Brucebase is for the community, not just the editors, though we are fans too. All I hear is get more information, we love it, over and over. However, I am sure there are others that share your preference, and we are trying to figure out ways to provide both. Remember, Brucebase is a home-grown website, with limited automation, and resources are devoted to creating content. We are non-profit and supported by fans. 

jsavage posted:


Also, I do not feel it is fair to say "The creators of Lost Masters clearly did not do their homework" in discussing this home demo.



I couldn't find this quote sorry

people would jump onstage and grab me by the head and scream, ‘tilly! bootlegs!'"