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"The Bells of San Salvador" -- 38 years young

So I'm listening to The Lost Masters X today.  

Then, as now, I remain struck by Bruce's stark, solo home demo of "The Bells of San Salvador" -- which is given various other titles on the actual disc.

Thanks to a 2012 topic by Pete, we learned Springsteen took this late 1981 stunner and worked it into a full band arrangement in April 1982:

The off-line, full band rehearsal recording remains private, and since then, nothing has surfaced.  

Any possibility of the full band demo showing up would be a godsend. 

I've been haunted by the solo recordings of "The Bells of San Salvador" since the tape first appeared in 1996.  

Am I the only one?


I've determined the old import disc actually featured FIVE demo pieces of "The Bells of San Salvador" ... here is where you may find them -->

The Lost Masters X: Jesse James & The Wages Of Sin (Labor of Love - Love 010)

03. Ruled By The Gun #2

11. Untitled Riff

13. Wages of Sin #3

22. They Killed Him In The Street #1

23. They Killed Him In The Street #2


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