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Studio Comp Mix Down Demo Live 1973-78 'Those That Didn't Make The Cut'

The above tape is currently on ABMS and Jungleland.

The original artwork had some typos that were corrected. 

Here is a link to the corrected artwork:

Here is the artwork link:

Live 1973-78 Those That Didn't Make The Cut' Corrected Artwork, Info files and Checksums'

This is a mix-down tape that came from the CBS vault into the possession of JEMS and onward to the Band of Brothers. Basically it's an audition tape that Bruce, Jon Landau, Toby Scott and Chuck Plotkin listened to, deciding if they wanted to include any of these tracks on the upcoming 'Live 1975-1985' album. The tape was put together the same day they listened to it, 1986-06-21.

The mastered tape sounds great however this presentation isn't about the sound of the music. We present this to you as a historical rendering of one working day within a six month span when Bruce and Co. spent 6 months in the studio working 6 hours per day/5 to 6 days a week putting together 'Live 1975-1985'. We suggest you read the accompanying booklet for a much
more complete picture. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did putting it together. Look for more releases from the Band of Brothers in the near future.



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