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Reply to "Sorta curious..."

jomuam posted:

 I do miss the glory years and kudos to you Oats for giving a fuck but ...really? ....Why?

Treating this as a legitimate question.  I'll try to explain why, at least for myself.

Besides the obvious reasons of loving Bruce's music and all that goes with it.  The sharing of the news, stories and his music.  I personally have met hundreds of people through this board.  Two of my best friends in the world, I  first met here on the SPL.  Currently, I personally keep in touch with at least 50-100 members.  I have fiends in Europe and all over the world due to the SPL.  One friend from London visited with me and my brother, Ed, twice in the past year.  I have fond memories of the times with my daughter at SPL tailgates.  I met the love of my life  on a forum.  I still get together with fellow members every year for a long weekend at Light of Day.  If it wasn't for CJ and the SPL I wouldn't have these friendships and memories.

I want to see the SPL go on for as long as possible.  It fosters camaraderie and friendships and in its own way helps keep Bruce's music alive and going forward.  Which is exactly how I felt about it shortly after joining all those years ago.


The SPL Rocks!


Pulled up to my house today
Came and took my little girl away!
Giants Stadium 8/28/03