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New book! How Bruce Springsteen's Music Saved My Life: Story of a Bullied Boy

My first ever book is getting released today (It's May 11, 2018 in Finland already).

How Bruce Springsteen's Music Saved My Life: Story of a Bullied Boy

Something that's never been in my bucket list. Some wild things like winning a lottery, and other more likely things has been on that list. I've never written anything important, but this book is one of those things I had to write.

“Book will tell a true story how the writer survived from the bullying in high school. How it can affect a life of a teenager. What was his typical day as a bullied boy. Healing power of music and depression. Book will hit a dark territory with a recipe of a school shooter, and what we can do to prevent them from happening. How the writer really discovered the music Bruce Springsteen. Stories can be dark, but there's always hope. Who is the book aimed for? It's suitable for parents and their kids who are about to hit the high school life. It's not all about Bruce Springsteen. Book for every music fan. Even for those who don't like Bruce Springsteen.”

I've been doing nothing, but writing daily for the last 5 months. That's something that caught me by surprise. Before that I couldn't even write a short text message. Thinking my thoughts ain't worth anything. Same goes with my Facebook updates. Never managed to publish anything,I’ll always chose the cancel button instead.

More info about my book is available at:

Available on Amazon:   and other large eBook stores

What I still don’t like is the self-promoting. It’s self published, so I have to do this. It took me couple of beers to write this post. (copied the same for SPL/BTX/Greasylake). Any help is more than appreciated. If you have a blog, news site...or know someone could post this somewhere. Please share the word. Twitter, Facebook, message in a bottle...



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