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Reply to "Is Bruce Springsteen's Capitol Theater 1978 Radio Broadcast, Restored in 96/24 HD Download, Essential Listening?"

FrankM posted:

I read and was going to post. I had never heard of DSD. Now, the HD files are 24/96. The DSD are 96/24. Are they really that different or are they just reversing the numbers? (dumb question). I still don't understand how I would play the 24/96, I think at one time I  bought a little headphone adapter, have no idea how I would play the DSD, not that I would pay for them. 


24 bit is the audio sample rate - no of samples per second

here copied this

The more bits, the greater dynamic range of soft to loud sounds that your audio file can have. There are basically two audio depth measures in use today: 16 and 24 bit. CDs are traditionally produced as 16 bit, while 24 bit sound files are typically used by audio engineers during recording and production


96 khz - sampling frequency

so no matter what order now you know

the bit value is usually 16 or 24

the frequency 44.1 48 96 192

haha that's all I got in my head not much    


DSD is Sony private hidef they always do shit like that


people would jump onstage and grab me by the head and scream, ‘tilly! bootlegs!'"

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