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Reply to "Help on starting with ABMS"

I want to share a few lessons regarding download details.

1. Start your newsgroup download client ( I happen to use Newsbin Pro) and click on "GROUPS" or something like that. A list of available groups should appear somewhere.

2. SEARCH that group list for any likely key words, and since you read this there's a solid chance you want to search for "springsteen". Find "" (ABMS)and either right-click on it to choose it or use a "subscribe" function.

3. THE GROUP ADDED to the groups you want to check out, mark the groups (one click) and see if there's a "GROUP" menu in the client. Since this is the 1st time using this, you must choose "Download ALL headers" if you want to see the total menu.
If you only care about the new stuff, choose "Download latest".

4. WATCHING the headers download - you don't download the actual FILES now, see, but only their NAMES aka "headers" - if think the group isn't interesting after all (well, some other group than ABMS..), you may one-click the group in the download list and press DELETE. It then stops the header download.

- you may SCROLL the file list to see if there's anything that attracts you.

- once you find something you want, DO A SEARCH - the "FIND" function in my client - for one or more words in the headers, and GET A LIST of just the files belonging to the file set you want. Make sure to get:
-- all RAR files, the file number and total number showing in brackets, like "01/60". You should then make sure all 60 RAR files are downloaded.
HEY, for a DVD set, there is often ONE RAR set per DVD, so make sure to get ALL SETS.
-- the PAR2 file (only named "header name.PAR2"): Get only this first, to check after download if the RAR files are complete (see info from Pete concerning this).
-- the PAR2 files with some funny-looking names in front, like "*.vol001+02.PAR2" MAY WAIT, THEN, until you see whether the RAR files need repairing or not (Pete's point made).
-- any TXT info files.
-- any JPG artwork files.
-- any other files, like a NZB file showing what files are included in the set, if uploader has made such a NZB file.

- ONCE YOU'VE FOUND THE FILE SET TO GET, click on the FIRST FILE and then click the LAST FILE while pressing the SHIFT KEY. ALL FILES between the first and the last should then be selected.
- next, RIGHT-Click the selected files and choose "Add to download list" (at leaast in my client).
- vola, you are in action: In another part of the screen, you should see all the files you have selected, and that the download has started.

WARNING regarding the FILE SELECTION to download list:
DO NOT check the box of EACH RAR/PAR2 file of something you want to make it come in the downloading list. I did this in the start, sensing I really did it a very time consuming way..

- AFTER THE DOWNLOAD, time to see:
-- the QuickPar tutoral, see a link in a post above + download that software.
If repair is needed, after checking with a double-click on the *.PAR2 file in windows explorer (or the Mac equivalent), download those PAR2 files with the funny-looking file names.

Must admit I have downloaded ALL PAR2 files together with the RAR files, due to ignorance.

-- after getting the message in QuickPar that NO REPAIR IS NEEDED, it is time to get WinRAR and click on the first rar file in the set.