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Reply to "Help on starting with ABMS"

FROM THE QuickPar Tutoral - please, some hints to what to choose?:

In the Integration section you can control whether or not Windows should use QuickPar when you open PAR and PAR2 files in Windows Explorer or other applications, and the Integrate QuickPar into Shell option adds a entry to the right click menu in Windows Explorer that allows you to create new PAR2 files.
My question: QPar to be used, I guess? Allow creation of new PAR2?

The Default Priority setting determines how QuickPar cooperates with other applications running on your computer. If your computer has a single CPU, then it is probably best to set this to Idle, but if you have a dual CPU computer set it to Normal.
My Q: what is CPU?

The File Deletion settings determine whether or not QuickPar should remove incomplete and damaged files after it completes a repair, and whether or not they should be sent to the Windows Recycle Bin.
My Q: Should they be removed after a repair?

The Verification and Repair options determine whether or not the Monitor and Repair functions should be enabled by default when verifying.
My Q: To be enabled?

I sure second that "outstanding rerply" comment!