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Reply to "Happy Father's Day my SPL Brothers and also to all of your fathers and sons"

Daddy / Daughter stories

Paris 13 -

"Your brother can't make it , do you fancy coming?

"Yes, but none of this in and out in 24 hours mularky.  I want shopping - lots of it ! You had better change the Euro Star tickets".

She fondly remembers eating duck and drinking pink champagne  at the fab restaurant at  midnight with SPL  friends.

Leeds 13  - 

" What was the best bit about the gig?"

" Um...  your friend crying during Thundercrack and getting the train up from London on my own -

I have just had the "oops forgot your card call" - I reminded her  of the Leeds trip and she still holds the same view  " Yes, loved the train , I read Bridget Jones' Diary"

I am sure  I posted a previous Father's Day present from the older two kids  a while back. The shared anniversary of our first shows.


Those two will always come to Bruce shows  but the youngest  is not so interested. He only came once -  Emirates 08.  Quite liked the call/response of Out in the Street and then announced he was having a sleep but to wake him up before " Sprung From Cages".


Quite excited now!


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