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Reply to "Happy Father's Day my SPL Brothers and also to all of your fathers and sons"

Thanks Oats!  The same to you!

I'm one grandchild behind you. No pink saxophones yet.

In 2007, on October 14 in Ottawa, I took my oldest daughter to see Bruce for the first time. We were seated about six rows up behind the stage. In the encores, during Born To Run, at the very end of the instrumental break after the bridge, she's dancing in the aisle, and the Boss points right at her. Arm straight out,  index finger extended, for about two seconds that seemed to last forever for her.

Crystal puddled right up. Man was she ever a mess, LOL. Bruce runs back to the mic....."One, two, three, four....The highway's jammed with broken heroes...." I had to pick her up off the floor.

My daughter was 12 at the time. Just before BTR Bruce brings out members of Arcade Fire, one of her fave bands. They do State Trooper and Keep The Car Running. It was a crazy, good night.

Fire years later, she's 17 and we're headed back up to Ottawa for the Wrecking Ball show. On the drive up, she asks me if Bruce has any awful songs, any songs that are crappy. Because my daughter is working as a grocery store cashier at the time, I bring up Queen Of The Supermarket.

"I never heard that one," she says. "That's because I never play it," I tell her. For her, I dig out the WOAD disc and give it a spin. 

"Hey, I like that one! Any chance he'll play it tonight?"

"Not a chance! He's never played it. Not once."

That night, a woman in the crowd who worked at a Sobey's just down the block from the arena holds up a sign for Queen of the Supermarket.

Bruce plays it solo, and with some obvious help from the teleprompter, nails it perfectly.

My daughter is absolutely baffled. "How does he do what he just did?"

"He's the boss!"

Anyone out there with any father and son / daughter stories like this, I'd love to hear them.