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Reply to "Does anyone else feel a bit let down about these Archive Releases?"

cephaser posted:

Dear god - how ungrateful and spoiled you’ve all become. Look if you don’t like this one, there’ll be another one along in a matter of days! 

Do you really expect every release to be some unknown, obscure show that would only appeal to a small minority? They’re running a business here as well! Why wouldn’t they focus on shows that are deemed to be ‘significant’ such as this one, Christic, reunion finale etc? 

Stop whining, and either appreciate the huge move forward these releases represent compared to the Springsteen sanctioned releases of ten years ago, or go back to your CD-R trading and torrents!



Not ungrateful or spoiled and certainly not whining.  I'm expressing how I feel.  I appreciate and have every last one of these releases.  I certainly do not want them to stop.  I probably listen to them more than you. You're missing my point or didn't read my entire post.  I would like to see them mix it up more and throw in some that are not famous bootlegs just like they did with the 77 Berger tapes.

Did those releases only appeal to a small minority.  I don't think so.  They got just as much publicity maybe even more due to their rarity.  And I certainly didn't hear that sales were down.  The Berger tapes were used because they were almost literally dumped in their lap and JL Inc didn't have to go into the vault and find them.

They obviously have the ear of someone knowledgeable and trusted who's giving them advice on the best and most famous bootlegs in circulation.  I hope he or she reads this and says maybe Oats has a point.  Maybe we should assign one of those sound guys to go listen to a few different shows each week and see if we have any nuggets.  We can throw one in every so often on a regular or semi regular basis. 

Hell, I'd do it!   I'm available.  I would listen to every single tape in the vault and rate them.  Plus I come cheap.


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