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Reply to "Does anyone else feel a bit let down about these Archive Releases?"

We can see that the target of this downloads is attack the bootleg industry, more than make happy the fans:

Agora 78 (one of the most famous bootleg'78)

Philly 75 (we had a fantastic soundboard of part of this show)

Meadowlands 5 August 84 (we had a soundboard of part of this show)

D&D tour (the best audience boot that we had)

LA 90 (we had a fantastic soundboard bootleg)

San Louis 2008 (one of the best audience boot we had)

LA 88 (one of the best audience video we had of this tour)

.....and now Stockholm 88......the only radio boot we had of this tour...


You can be sure the following will be Passaic 78, or Winterland 78....and not others....

Is really a pity they don't give us a really obscure and fantastic shows of this eras...

But always is great to hear a perfect Bruce shows....;-)