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Reply to "Candy's House'"

I tediously studied everything I could about this because it fascinated me. It is not really a remarkable example of Bruce Springsteen's songwriting and talent, it was actually a tedious process he went through. I would highly recommend studying the making of 'Badlands', it is much more interesting. 

Are you giving me a critique on the Fast Song-Candy's Room section? If so, that is fine. I only write that much or work so hard when the story or events require it. I wrote a lot more about The Promise and Thunder Road, they are his greatest songs and people kept asking more questions. Candy's Room did not generate as much interest, but I broke my normal rules, and wrote this one for me. You can see I was carried away with finding out how the events ocurred. 

The best part of this was the 'New Fast Song', which appeared on September 27, 1977. This was the first merging of The Fast Song and Candy' Boy, along with two of the best lines of Frankie. The rest of the process was Bruce writing some new lyrics to replace lines he didn't like.

September 27, 1977


In Candy's room, there are pictures of her saviour
on the wall, but to get to Candy's room
you got to walk the darkness of Candy's hall
Strangers from the city call my baby's number<<<<<<<<<<<all candy's boy
they bring Candy toys but when I come knockin she
smiles pretty she knows tonight I'm gonna be Candy's

here somewhere in the darkness I find hidden worlds << Frankie
(strange new worlds) that shine through the anger
fear blackness bravenis mist
Then We kiss my heart comes pushin explodes through << this is new lives up
my skin for a moment she lets me in                                        to Fast Song music 
Thats when the sadness becomes                                             finally

I get visions of avenging angels of eden   <<< still has God's Angels
with their white horses and flaming swords
can blow this whole town into the sea
but they cant touch Candy and me
our love they cannot destroy
I will forever be Candy's boy           <<<<<still hanging on to candy's boy too

She says baby if you wanna be wild you got a lot to learn <<< great new line
so you got to open wings and come with me
so come with me baby and together
We'll go driving together into the night

Through the heart of a fire fight
We go driving south through the pines
That spider off the line and then we kiss
From a world we’ll know without end


So he only took first verse from Candy's Boy

Hidden worlds that shine he raped from Frankie

Added 2 new lines great

still has to let go of parts of both songs


I don't have anything between New Fast Song and the final Candy's Room

finished March 5, 1978. I understand he didn't remove this until March 3-5

I get visions of avenging angels of eden 
with their white horses and flaming swords
can blow this whole town into the sea 



people would jump onstage and grab me by the head and scream, ‘tilly! bootlegs!'"