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Reply to "Candy's House'"

km posted:
jsavage posted:

My post is meant to convey the relative worth of the three songs in question.  "Candy's Room" is the classic, and most worthy of attention.  That's why Bruce officially released it in 1978.

Yes, tedious is part of studying history.  I know, I've been there.  But publishing the results on Brucebase requires discretion, and understanding the intended audience. 

For intense research findings on his artistic process, another forum would best serve extensive, detailed information to the public.

Given the long existence of On The Tracks, nearly 20 years, the old axiom "Less is more" should always apply.  Or you may lose readership.

Won't lose my readership 

Absolutely  love the in depth work tilly is putting into this. After all we want BB to be as accurate as possible, with as much information as possible. Tilly is going above and beyond. Well done sir 

Thanks Kevin I can't believe how intense people are about Bruce Springsteen in the year 2020. You know based on his family genes, he may live as long as Queen Elizabeth. Adele going on 95, Doug doesn't count, he passed away young from industrial disease, he was in Dire Straits. 

people would jump onstage and grab me by the head and scream, ‘tilly! bootlegs!'"