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Reply to "Candy's House'"

DenverBrian posted:
Kinsey posted:
DenverBrian posted:

 I stick with what made it on the albums, there is enough of that to go around.

Are you saying that you don't bother with Tracks, The River Outtakes, etc? You're missing out 

I stick with the Live stuff and the stuff that Bruce has officially released (like Tracks).


I don't have a problem with that. I'm too busy figuring out the history of Candy's Room. Look at this verse [down below] which is God's Angels (The Fast Song) combined with Candy's Boy; look quick because it was soon gone! 

The first line of the next verse made it to Candy's Room

She says baby if you wanna be wild you got a lot to learn


I have seen Bruce canabalize one song to make another several times now

Why not, they are all his, this is why he gets pissed when stuff leaks out before it is finished.

1. He took the main coda of Walking In the Street, and used it as the instrumental outro of Thunder Road

2. He chopped up Candy's Boy, a finished tune, and added the lyrics to Candy's Room, Drive All Night and Prove It All Night

He is a brilliant song writer, and I would never second guess him, even though it distresses me greatly when he overdubs tracks from the 1970s with new vocals 30 years later, mexican horns and lush strings!  Arrggghhhh

He's got a major issues with songs not being "finished"; I got a major issue with him finishing his songs 30 years later. Bruce, please stop messing up my outtakes, or at least provide me with a copy of the source material. I got 10+ versions of Backstreets, some missing major sections of the lyrics, then others when he adds finished pieces, all the way up to the BTR version. I wrote the section of Brucebase describing the progression of that song, it was a blast.

Sorry I get carried away. Rock on DenverBrian!


I get visions of avenging angels of eden
with their white horses and flaming swords
can blow this whole town into the sea
but they cant touch Candy and me
our love they cannot destroy
I will forever be Candy's boy

She says baby if you wanna be wild you got a lot to learn
so you got to open wings and come with me
so come with me baby and together
We'll go driving together into the night

people would jump onstage and grab me by the head and scream, ‘tilly! bootlegs!'"