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Reply to "Candy's House'"

1977 June Bruce Springsteen - Ruffs album sequence

One month later, 10-27-77, it looks like he was still using "New Fast Song".

According to Clinton, a December 12 take at the Record Plant was referred to as "Candy's Room".



Record Plant, New York
Candy's Room: mixing log

March 3, 1978
March 4, 1978
March 5, 1978

Candy's Room v5a mix take #13) has reverb and delay added to the lead vocal
Candy's Room v5b mix take #42) album March 5, 1978 >>> to accetate April 12

However, he would spend a further three days in early March 1978 working through some seventy nine takes - surely a series of vocal overdubs - to remove any lingering vestiges of 'God's Angels'.

Bruce Springsteen FAQ All Thats Left to Know About the Boss
42nd attempt at “Candy’s Room” was the Darkness take



people would jump onstage and grab me by the head and scream, ‘tilly! bootlegs!'"


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  • 1977 June Bruce Springsteen - Ruffs album sequence