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Candy's House'


Just curious to see if anybody is curious

trying to date 'Candy's House' as best as I can

'Candy's House'

Down To That House aka CANDY'S ROOM (NY '78) from Thrill Hill Blu-Ray

It looks like there are no links to be had of this video, Thrill Hill probably had it taken down

Here is the audio just to stir your memories
look at your DVDs when you get a chance, it is on The Promise - Thrill Hill Vault (1976-1978)
Candy's Room Demo 1:37 (NYC '78)

Candy's Room (demo)

Bruce was reading from his note book
the Promise notebook
Jon Landau is standing next to his piano listening
it was record plant
i could tell

Bruce flipped a few pages
he was playing The Fast Song on piano


In the Night
all the rest will shine
you people laughing all the time
I Went Down To That House
That sits on the edge of Town
shining so fine and so white

go to the bridge
he goes

Tonight I got a feeling that I can't face
and Tonight I got a loneliness I can't erase
I got a hunger that drives me down
Down to the gates of the house
that waits on the edge of town
Feeding my fears

he goes
and For me for me
She's waiting
In the window I see her face
All the beauty that time can't erase
heading for the sun
heading for the light


This was not June or July 1977 because it was the Record Plant

forget NY '78 this is NY 1977
forget Candy's Boy too
this was before he combined them
which was Sept 1977

maybe this was mid-September


Just trying to date 'Candy's House' as best as I can


per Clinton Heylin
As to dating the great change into ‘Candy’s Room’, it was on September 27 that the title ‘New Fast Song’ appeared for the first time. Over the next two days this song was worked on extensively

The Fast Song

June 6, 1977
June 9, 1977
June 10, 1977
June 13, 1977
June 14, 1977
June 20, 1977 God's Angels
June 24, 1977 God's Angels
August 24, 1977 God's Angels
September 1, 1977
September 2, 1977 <<<< last take of FAST SONG

Candy's boy - v3 August 24, 1977
September 2, 1977 <<<< last take of CANDY'S BOY

Studio logs show the last take of Candy's Boy and The Fast Song were both on September 2, 1977

I wrote this for the Candy's Room entry on Brucebase

It appears The Fast Song went away after September 2, 1977, and re-emerged as CANDY'S ROOM on September 27. The lyrics of the first verse came from CANDY'S BOY, which was scuttled in September with lyrics going to CANDY'S ROOM (September 27), PROVE IT ALL NIGHT (September 14) and DRIVE ALL NIGHT. Candy’s Room also received lines from FRANKIE, and THE FAST SONG, the latter’s final verses adapted and modified to make up the final verses of Candy’s Room.

people would jump onstage and grab me by the head and scream, ‘tilly! bootlegs!'"

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