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Reply to "Brucebase Wiki"

Last 2019 update on Brucebase Wiki

  • Many improvements on the On The Tracks - section, which is almost up-to-date up to BITUSA, thanks to @tillywilly
  • A whole new section if all the official releases information has now been created. All Bruce's official release have their own Pages, with the intention to add pages for Compilation- and Collaboration-releases as well. Thanks to @Ponyboy
  • We're implemeting a system to keep the description of gig on the year-page equal to the description on the gig-page itself, thanks to @olcatfishithlake
  • Updates ready for the new year 2020
  • Lyrics added for almost every official studio-release, thanks to @Eddy_Wehbe for allowing us to copy his fine work.
  • Added a news-section.
  • If you have Scans or documents you want to share with Brucebase, you can now upload them on the Upload-page (a google account is required).
  • We have a staggering 53,500 images available.
  • Many bootleg info added to gig-pages thanks to @mjk5510.


Many plans for further improvement, so keep checking the site.