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Reply to "Brucebase Wiki"

I had just had this exchange at Guitars101 bootleg forum!

Another Bruce collector

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I checked 3 different boots, but did not see in on any of them....... Brucebase ( what is left of it) does not show it on either of the 2 they list.

Today, 10:02 AM
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what does "Brucebase ( what is left of it)" mean? I see them constantly revising commentaries and there is no other resource that collects and reports information you can depend on in the Springsteen universe as well as them (Imho).

Unread Today, 12:44 PM
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There is no brucebase as a web site any more. The old one closed as I recall
There is a wikidot one, but is that just a shadow, or is someone actually keeping it up to date.

Today, 07:14 PM
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yes there is a team of people
they announce what they are working on SPL

2/11/193:22 PM
Brucebase Update
* We just finalized 1986, so all gig-pages avaialble for 1986-2019
* Youtube Playlists have been created for 1984 and 1985
* Venues for 1984 and 1985 are created
* Songs are identified, except for some snippets, which will come when the gig-pages are created
* 1985 images (Jan-Jun) are up on Flickr
So preparations to complete the BITUSA tour soon are well underway
1986 - Brucebase Wiki
2/15/196:53 AM
* Images uploaded to Flickr for 1982 and 1983
* Youtube Playlists created for 1982 and 1983

I'll post some stuff over here once in a while so you guys know what is going on

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